Attending movies as an adult is rough — you have to pay full price, people look at you weird when you buy a Winnie the Pooh ticket for one, and you have to stop drinking for, like, 90 minutes…Or do you, thanks to Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas.

The first of its kind (in SD), CLC has taken over the Del Mar Highlands Ultra Star with a money-burning vengeance, turning it into a luxuriously appointed theater (with 3D capabilities!!! Ahhhh!!!), featuring genuine leather recliners stretching to 7ft in length, and push-button in-seat wait service serving glorious, glorious booze. Since you can’t just fill your tummy with Zima, they’ve got jazzed-up popcorn (Cinnamon Roll and Spicy Chili) plus a full-service resto serving up real-life food like paninis, sushi, hot marinara-paired herb-crusted calamari, and a trio of chipotle aioli-dressed chicken sliders, presumably named for a popular sci-fi show in which everyone was too afraid to travel to different dimensions, and also wore clothes. Aside from at your seat, the fermented/ distilled stuff is served in the bar, and can be dragged into the neighboring lounge, with options consisting of high-end liquors, 24 wines by the glass, five draft/ three bottled brews, and specialty cocktails like the pint-sized rum/ pineapple/ cranberry “Diego Delight”, which for Maradona would probably be not having to pay the Italian government million in back taxes.

There are 34 wines available by the bottle, along with Moet Chandon and break-the-bank Dom P, which should be reserved for super-special occasions, like blasting solo through all 90 minutes of Piglet whining like a little b*tch.

To get the deets:

More info on Thrillist – Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas – Del Mar, CA

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