This short film shows the different types of trains that are present in San Diego, California.

The Pacific Surfliner is a train line operated by Amtrak between San Diego and San Luis Obispo. The Coaster is a local commuter rail line (yet served by gigantic rolling stock) running between San Diego and Oceanside. Finally, the San Diego Trolley is a light rail tram system serving San Diego and its suburbs.

This film briefly shows all three types of transport. Note that the last scenes at San Ysidro are filmed directly by the United States–Mexican border.

I will soon upload a longer film dedicated to the tram.

Index to the film:

0:00 — Pacific Surfliner at Oldtown Transit Center, San Diego
1:34 — Pacific Surfliner arriving at Santa Fe Depot Station, San Diego
3:23 — Coaster departing from Santa Fe Depot Station, San Diego
4:30 — Pacific Surfliner passing by Middletown Trolley Station, San Diego
4:50 — San Diego Trolley (light rail) at San Ysidro Transit Center, San Diego

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