Coronado, CA- The Village Theater Re-Opens after a decade. Vintage Cinemas renovation has created a classic movie experience for locals and tourists alike.

Kevin Fulton and David Kamatoy take us through the Grand Opening festivities including talking to a local who was there for the 1947 Grand Opening. The guys catch up with Lance Asplaugh of Vintage Cinemas as well as the Mayor of Coronado, CA Casey Tanaka.

Village Theatre
820 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA
(619) 435-6161

This project was created in part for Steve Johnson Patty Brooks

and Blog This With David Kamatoy

Produced by David Kamatoy, Kevin Fulton, Mark Christopher Lawrence
Asst. Editor Erin Keepers
Special Thanks to Joe Ditler, PR

For more information visit or call 619-573-9456

More info on Village Theater Opens in Coronado,CA 6.24.2011

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