Is a short, bizarre trip to the Wild West worth the price? Find out as TV journalist Gretta Greenberg and her husband, Richard, embark on a short-lived journey at the invitation eccentric industrialist Max Hatfield.

“WWW: World Wild West” is an entry into the 48 Hour Film Project San Diego 2012 edition. The movie premiered on June 26, 2012, at 7 p.m. (Group C) at UltraStar Cinemas in Poway.

Required elements:
Genre: Musical or Western
Prop: Cell phone
Character: Gary or Gretta Greenberg, TV news person
Dialogue: “Where are we going?”

More information:

Roman S. Koenig, Jacob Roark andCarla Van Wagoner, executive producers
Sandra Orion and Shelley Barski, producers
Roman S. Koenig, writer/director/editor
Jacob Roark, director of photography
Rob Gironda, music scoring

Greg Magnus, assistant editor; sound
Francisco Miramontes, assistant cinematographer
Production assistants: Ary Hernandez, Jennifer Howard, Eric L. Mapp, Freeman Michaels, Michael Moffatt

Julie Clemmons as Gretta Greenberg
Tom Andrew as Richard Greenberg
Wilson Adam Schooley as Max Hatfield
Celeste Innocenti as Regina McCoy-Hatfield
Cindy Gilbert as Sybil Jacobsen
Danny Javier as Mike Gomez
Glen Roberts as Lance Ford
The Managers: Cindy Lewis, Ramone Russell, Jennie Olson Six, Jonathan Hammond
Ary Hernandez as Rudy

Filmed on location:
Poway, Calif.
Special thanks to the Kassel Family

Special Thanks:
Barbara Basia Koenig and John Petrowski
Ron Wolwowicz and Nancy Johansen
Chronos Theatre Group, San Diego


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