Like Zombie Family? Check out JNW’s SCARY short film “Jim in the Box” too!–cnLiZU-90

Zombie Family Short Film is a slice of life from an All-American Family of…ZOMBIES! Ahhhhhhh! Get ready for some Brain Eating, Throat Ripping, Arm Tearing, Masturbating FUN! For the first time ever, the show you all enjoyed as a Web-Series is now available as a complete Movie!

Featuring: Tony Todd, Cerina Vincent, Doug Jones, Reggie Bannister, Charlie O’Connell, Kerry O’Quinn, Jennifer Blanc and Diamond Dallas Page.

Introducing: Laura Napoli, Mike Apple, Chuck Lines and Allison Sharpe.

With: Erich Lane, Gadi Held, Jordan Potter, Sydney Tannenbaum and Jonathan Voxland

Directed by: Joseph Nathan Weisman

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