The San Diego Blues Festival is a great opportunity to enjoy the city of San Diego and some incredible blues musicians. It’s also an event that does a lot of good for a charity that does a lot of good for the San Diego area: The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. Every year the popular music festival brings in thousands of dollars and food donations that help feed people and families in need in San Diego County.

Baker Electric Home Energy is proud to be a part of this great organization and this great event. Baker Electric has been a local, family owned electric business based in Escondido, California for over 81 years, so it was a natural partnership for us to support the San Diego Food bank. Each year for the past five years we’ve been able to provide a check for ,000 to the Food Bank during the Blues Festival. That donation from 2019 is enough to provide 250,000 meals – and through donations and ticket and beverage sales at the festival, the Food Bank was able to raise enough to pay for one million meals. There was also 4,000 pounds of food donated at the event that goes straight to hungry local people.

Baker Electric Home Energy supports several local organizations as a way to give back to the community. We’re a San Diego solar company that grew out of Baker Electric, which has been in business in the San Diego area for over 81 years. The Baker Home Energy division started out specializing in home solar power systems. We design, build, and install home solar systems, and as of 2019 we’ve installed over 12,000 residential solar systems in Southern California – that’s a lot of solar panels creating a lot of renewable energy. You’ve likely seen our orange and white trucks fulfilling installation jobs, and you’ve possibly been inside a local home that was powered by rooftop solar designed and built by Baker. If you’ve ever asked a Baker customer about their experience during the design, installation process, or talked about how they feel about being a part of the growing San Diego solar movement they likely relayed what a great experience they had from start to finish with the Baker Way of conducting business. We get a lot of new San Diego solar customers every year who come to us from the recommendation of another happy customer who had a great experience.

And if you do contact us about solar power, ask about our Baker Alliance Program with the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. The Baker Alliance Program must be mentioned when you contact us about becoming your own solar energy provider, and it delivers a 0 savings to you and gives a 00 donation to the Food Bank. We’d love to answer your questions about solar panel cost, the average cost to add an energy storage system (to really claim your energy independence), financing, current rebates and incentives, roofing needs, and how we can design the perfect solar pv system to meet the current and future power needs of homeowners through clean energy – and maybe the near elimination of energy bills.

As another way to save on solar, the Investment Tax Credit is still at its full 30% for the rest of 2019. In 2020 the tax credit drops to 26%, then in 2021 it’s 22%, and after that the tax credit for residential solar goes away (it’s still available at 10% for commercial solar). That’s a lot of solar savings you don’t want to miss out on – call today for a solar quote so you can become a renewable energy producer.

Another way to support the food bank is to be sure to attend the next San Diego Blues Festival if you’re in the San Diego area. The 2020 event is already set for September 12, 2020, so be sure to put that on your calendars. Come out for a day of great, live music and help support the Food Bank’s good work.


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