Maceoo’s direct translation means gift from the Gods. Maceoo was conceptualized over four years ago. Although a young company, Maceoo has grown rapidly with it’s unique and stylish designs. Maceoo’s headquarters are located in Paris, France and San Diego, CA, with presence in over 250 cities and 5 continents spanning across the United States of America to France (Galeries Lafayette), Dubai, Mexico (Saks Fifth Avenue), and South Africa. Inspired by the cultural and social influences he experienced during his worldly travels as an engineer, Maceoo’s founder partnered with his brother, a former employee of Galerie Lafayette in Paris, France, to pursue his passion in fashion. Together, the two shared their love and knowledge of fashion by reinventing the men’s dress shirt, polo shirt, and lifestyle accessories.

Maceoo shirts are a slim tailored cut to help accentuate the body but still allow for movement. It’s squared colored button matched with the intricate stitching is not an understatement but a form of artistic craftsmanship. Usually created with dual colors which falls along the seasonal style changes matched with it’s double collar for a sharp finish. The lapel, collar height, button layout and cuffs vary in style and color. Maceoo’s signature, is in the interior pipeline within the neckline along with a tasteful logo stitched on the back of the collar and/or underneath the front lapel

For Maceoo, the french San Diegan brand, fashion is more than just a statement, it is a fresh approach we create by listening to our fans. Through creativity, innovation, inspiration, and focus, we drive our intention towards making people feel good, extraordinary, liberated, esteemed. Our goal is not simply excellence. Our goal is to enhance people’s lives. With every design and redesign, we work towards promoting a story; a collection of memories our consumers can create as they express themselves with our designs. Made to last, designed to inspire. Maceoo

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