Blue Largo was formed by guitarist Eric Lieberman and vocalist Alicia Aragon in 1999. The band released its debut album, “What A Day!” produced by Mavis Staples’ guitar player and musical director, Rick Holmstrom in 2000, and released its second record “Still In Love With You” in 2002.

While maintaining its home base in San Diego, Blue Largo has traveled up and down the California coast, playing such well-known venues as Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco, The Derby in Los Angeles and the legendary Blue Café in Long Beach. In 2017 the band played both The Baja Blues Festival in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, and The San Diego Blues Festival.

Prior to 2015, Blue Largo had been a traditional 1940s / ‘50s-era blues band, specializing in covers by such artists as Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Louis Jordan, T Bone Walker and Julia Lee. But Eric started jotting down some song ideas, which he and Alicia revisited when they decided to record their most recent album, “Sing Your Own Song” in the summer of 2015. The album contains seven original songs, dealing with life’s big issues, such as confronting challenges, despair, hope, perseverance, and ultimately prevailing. Music-wise, the record contains everything from gospel to Louisiana swamp grooves, 1960s rhythm and blues, jump blues, sensual ballads and lowdown acoustic country blues.

Blue Largo is currently in the process of recording their fourth album, “Before The Devil Steals Your Soul,” tentatively scheduled for release in July 2018. This record will showcase ten original songs, as well as a few soul and R&B covers by Nina Simone, Jimmy Ruffin, and Nat Adderley, and a mambo guitar instrumental paying tribute to the great Cuban guitarist, Manuel Galban.

In addition to Eric and Alicia, Blue Largo’s current line-up consists of Taryn “T-Bird” Donath (piano), Raphael Salmon (organ), Marcus P. Bashore (drums), Mike “Sandlewood” Jones (Fender bass), and Dave Castel De Oro, Jonny Viau, and Eddie Croft (saxophones.)

More info on Blue Largo at Gator By The Bay Music Festival San Diego 2018

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