At the San Diego Comic Fest 2019, held at the Four Points By Sheraton in San Diego CA, panel host and guest lecturer Arlen Schumer was coming to the close of his ‘VisuaLecturer’ on renowned Batman artist Neal Adams when a teenage volunteer, who had been charged with maintaining the running schedule of the room, came in to inform Schumer that he had to wrap up his presentation in order for the programming to continue.

Schumer, who had prefaced the lecture by saying that this was the first time he had run the presentation, that there would probably be glitches and that he was more than likely going to run over, proceeded to patronise the volunteer and berate him in front of the audience. After confirming with his manager that the presentation did indeed have to wrap up, the volunteer’s father – also a volunteer at SDCF – entered to the room to only have Schumer insult him verbally and repeatedly. Schumer than closed down the presentation abruptly, stating that it ended on a bad end, purely because he had overworked himself over the weekend.

It has come to our attention that the organisers have seen this footage and spoken to all parties, concluding that no member of staff, volunteers, special guests or attendees is not deserving of equal respect, that Schumer’s behaviour was is shall not be excused, and that Schumer will not be asked back to attend the event in the future.

An official statement has not been made by either Schumer or the organisers of SDCF, but any statement made will be included in these video notes once made.

Thanks to Dan Berry​ for recording the presentation, which will be made available on our YouTube channel in its ‘entirety’ in the coming weeks.

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