Welcome to Famous Grave Tours. Thanks for joining me as I visit the cemeteries, grave sites, memorials and final resting places of the famous (and sometimes infamous) people who have touched our lives. From movie stars to world leaders, from those whose died before their time, to those who lived to be centenarians–they may be gone, but they’re not forgotten.

In this video tour, I visit and tour the burial niche of Andrew P. Cunanan, at the Holy Cross Cemetery in San Diego, California. Cunanan was charged with killing five men, including fashion designer, Gianni Versace. He was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list and committed suicide, when the FBI caught up to him. Since his death in 1997, there have been many books, documentaries, movies and TV shows about Cunanan’s life and killing spree. Fortunately, and more importantly, his victim’s lives and stories have also been told.

Cunanan’s victims:

Jeffrey Allen Trail, Former US Navy officer

David Jon Madson, Architect

Lee Miglin, Real estate developer (Cremated)

William R. Reese, Caretaker, Finn’s Point National Cemetery, Pennsville, New Jersey

Gianni Versace, Italian Fashion Designer (Cremated and reportedly buried in the family vault at Moltrasio cemetery near Lake Como)

Viewers will have to decide, for themselves, whether or not to watch this video grave tour. My intention is simply to document an historic event, not to glorify it.

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR MAP (Holy Cross Cemetery):

Holy Cross Cemetery
Address: 4470 Hilltop Drive, San Diego, CA, 92102 USA
Phone: (619)264-3127

Video created by: Steve Stewart
Music by: Youtube Creators royalty and copyright free music
Equipment: iPhone 7 and Canon SX530 HS
Editing: Filmora Wondershare

Disclaimer: My cemetery video tours are made independently and are not endorsed by the cemeteries, graveyards or mausoleums. Every effort is made not to use copyrighted material. Images are courtesy of photographers who have granted permission, Wikimedia Commons, public domain searches, and “fair use” promotional material used here for commentary and reference.

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