Music by: Renas Miran (Kurdish House Project)

Friday, January 4, 2013
Start Finish Program
3:00PM 4:45PM Lunch at Torreyanna Grill (Located inside hotel)
5:00PM 5:15PM Introductions
5:20PM 5:50PM Getting to know each other!
6:00PM 6:30PM Discussion on the Kurdish Language
6:35PM 6:45PM Play by Actress and Singer Ala Riani
6:50PM 7:30M Film Competition (Judges: Bahman Ghobadi and Mustafa Gundogdu)
7:30PM 7:45PM Break
7:45PM 8:45PM Trivia Game
8:50 10:35 Special Screening of Bahman Ghobadi’s “Rhino Season” followed by Q&A
Saturday, January 5, 2013
Start Finish Program
10:00AM 10:15AM Introductions
10:20AM 11:05AM Tolerance: The Remedy for Unity (Moderator: Xoshink Bazaz)
11:10AM 11:50AM From the Diaspora to the Homeland (Moderator: TBA)
11:50AM 12:00AM BREAK
12:05PM 12:45PM The Backbone of Kurdish Society (Moderator: Peri Shushi)
12:45PM 1:45PM LUNCH
1:50PM 2:50PM How to Helperkê (Moderator: Goran Sadjadi)
7:00PM 7:10PM Introductions
7:15PM 7:30PM Mayor Bob Filner
7:35PM 7:50PM Cklara Moradian and Soraya Fallah play: Lullabies Shaping Kurdish Identity
7:55PM 8:30PM Art Auction
8:30PM 8:45PM BREAK
8:50PM 10:15PM Kurds Got Talent (Judges: Kurdish Rapper Serhado and Singer Nasir Rezazî )
Sunday, January 6, 2013
Start Finish Program
9:00AM 1:30PM Boat Tour
5:00PM 5:30PM Introductions
6:00PM 7:00PM Nasir Rezazî
7:15PM 8:30PM Dinner
8:30PM 9:30PM Hozan Sîmar
9:30PM 10:45PM Nasir Rezazî
11:00PM 11:55AM Hozan Sîmar
11:55PM 12:00AM Thank you for coming! See you next year!

More info on Fourth Annual Kurdish Youth Festival in San Diego, California

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