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San Diego Blood Gangs : #LincolnPark, #EmeraldHills & #Skyline Documentary! PART 1 #SD ‘619’ Logan Avenue + Kelton Road Rydaz + Tha LP + Uptown Gangstaz + East Dago + Mission Bay + Ocean View + Bay Vista + Pacific Beach + Mission Valley + Fashion Valley + La Jolla Beach + Mission Beach + Coronado Bay + Oceanside

San Diego, California : South East San Diego to be exact! In this valley three notorious gangs claim their turfs. Lincoln Park Blood Gang, Emerald Hills Blood Gang and the Skyline Piru’s. Watch this incredible documentary about Southern California gang culture and the havoc going on in South East San Diego. #SouthEastSanDiego #SanDiego #SkylinePiru #Daygo #Dago #SoCAL #California #Cali #GFunk #GangstaRap #NastyCity #SaltyD

More info on San Diego Blood Gangs : Lincoln Park, Emerald Hills & Skyline Documentary! South East SD CALi G’z!

  • Dennis Martinez leads the swap of guns for skateboards

    According to Lieutenant Aldo Hernandez of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department ... from the first time he drew the needle back and I saw the blood and he injected it into me, I was hooked.” ...

  • The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower

    "We're a gang of Jews and homosexuals [who] draw our main inspiration from the rioting queers at Stonewall, babies throwing temper tantrums, the Hell's Angels at Altamont, and really ugly ...

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