The US Festival was actually two events held in Devore, California, over Labor Day weekend in 1982 and Memorial Day weekend in 1983. The huge three-day music and culture festivals brought together some of the era’s biggest acts – many of whom would eventually join the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. US Festival was the brainchild of Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak.

The first iteration of the US Festival was marked by 110-degree weather but that didn’t stop the masses from dancing – and drugging – while The Ramones, Oingo Boingo, The B-52s, Talking Heads, The Police, The Kinks, The Cars, Fleetwood Mac and more performed. News 8’s Bridget Asaro was there for the final day of the first US Festival and captured the fun-loving spirit of the crowd. Prophetically Bridget surmised: “It’s clear that at least a 100,000 people or so here will look back at this event as being a very rare experience” The first US Festival reportedly lost -million.

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