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THRIFTING IN SAN DIEGO, CA! | Huge Haul to Resell on Poshmark and Ebay | Unconventional Thrifting #1

Happy Tuesday #briarpatchkids Today’s video I am showing you what cool stuff you can find in San Diego, CA. I went with one of my best friends, Bri, Thrifting and we had such a great time! Today I am showing you what I bought as well as what is out there in San Diego to thrift.

This video is part of a new series on my channel called Unconventional Thrifting and this series is where I go to places that I don’t normally thrift and see what else is out there (plus obviously take you guys with me!) I have 3 new cities lined up as well as cities that are closer to me, but going to consignment stores or small thrift shops! I hope you guys are going to love this new series and follow along my journey thrifting all over California and (hopefully) all over the US!

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