Take a video tour of the largest hat store in the USA. The Village Hat Shop in Hillcrest is a must stop for hat aficionados visiting San Diego. If it goes on a head, you’ll most likely find it here – including top brands like Stetson and Kangol as well as the world headquarters for Jaxon and sur la tête. This department store of hats includes Panamas, Women’s Millinery, Westerns, Ballcaps, Flat Caps, Fine Felts, Historical and Theatrical Hats, Novelty and Fun hats, Outdoor Sun Protection Hats, etc.

Located at 3821 4th Avenue (between University and Robinson) in San Diego.



Izzy Pollak: Director, Camera Operator
John Bashyam: Camera Operator
Chris Braun: Editor



The Afterlife by Vaticans

Song used with permission.

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