A collection of mugshots of people arrested for various crimes in San Diego, California, in the 1920s.

Source: Sacramento Police Department.

charles morton robinson, david tulcher, fulcher, franklin, stolen car, automobile, police officer, santa ana, running board, jason tait mackay, frank dwyer, frank elizabeth bussemeier, joseph sticker, wilder, harold scott, harlow, charlie howard blake, machinist, illinois, william marshall truman, edward bradley, john curran, leurran, lehas, john king, george hayes, gatewood, harold gillam, leonard frederick gilbert, hom dew, henry, bill, bow tie, fashion, roy melendez, charlie raymond, gear robert sterne, lee roy scott, roberts, fred august lummitzch, elling edwards, barker, kid burns, claus larson, lawson, robert, maurice clyde weinberg, bowler hats, hat, filipino, sofronio cabrillas, philippines, tijuana, mexico, cook, clothing store, eastland, maryland, arrested, tacoma, washington, tonopah, nevada, paroled, san francisco, forgery, oakland, bull, san quentin, folsom prison, transferred, state penitentiary, seaman, tattoos, tattoo, freight train, brakeman, railroad, hobo, railway, new york, bakersfield, kern county, parole, los angeles, burglar, burglary, hotel room, burglarized, sell, pawn shop, suit, clothing, robbery, life sentence, restaurant, breakfast, held up, michigan, money, till, german, germany, shoplifting, stockton, violation, 1922, mission valley, stealing, article, house, home, crooked dice, race track tout, manslaughter, silver gelatin prints, wife abandonment, altoona pennsylvania, loitering, street, news man, journalist, chief, ohio, bill poster, show, denver, omaha, nebraska, colorado, seattle, released, salesman, saloon, sallon, bar tender, berkeley, depot, virginia, clerk, bunco, suspect, suspected, us navy, sidewalk, crash, haircut, hairstyle, chauffeur, sheriff, merchant, traveling, office, charged, fictitious, electrician, garage, payment, felony, treager, bad check, washington dc, embezzlement, bail, fugitive, wanted, warrant, texas, mechanic, shoe, goods, spreckles theater, watches, mustache, carpenter, des moines, iowa, jeffersonville indiana, evading, railroad fare, painter, massachusetts, sweden, swedish, minneapolis, minnesota, st. paul, san bernardino, calaveras,

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