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  • Evictions - Tenants Legal Center

    In San Diego City, a landlord is required to state the cause for the eviction on the notice once the tenant has lived there for two years. RETALIATORY EVICTION In California, and somewhat under federal law, it may be illegal to evict a tenant in retaliation for the lawful exercise of a tenants rights.

  • California eviction prevention and homeless assistance ...

    Tenants with a legal eviction, sometimes also called a unlawful detainer, get get help as well. Attorneys can provide free advice and representation, and dial Legal Services of Northern California at (916) 551-2150.

  • California Tenant Eviction Process - San Diego Esquire

    San Diego Esquire provides California tenant legal representation throughout the State. We have helped tenants oppose and respond to unlawful detainer actions. Whether you are looking to stay in your rental or promptly leave without receiving an eviction entry on your rental history record, we can help defend your California tenant rights.

  • Mass evictions for low income VXR families? - YouTube

    A Vancouver family says their tenancy is being terminated so the property owner can renovate.

  • Making It in San Diego: Tenants fight an eviction 'crisis ...

    Making It in San Diego: Tenants fight an eviction 'crisis' ... Atlanta's Eviction Crisis - Duration: ... Experts See 'Perfect Storm' Descending On San Diego Housing Crisis - Duration: ...

  • Eviction crisis in California requires legal remedy ...

    Confronting our staggering eviction crisis and ensuring that everyone is able to live and thrive in their community will require complementary housing and land-use policies. But a holistic housing strategy must start with a foundation of stability and certainty, where tenants are protected against enormous rent increases and unjust evictions.

  • Report shows massive number of evictions as rents rise ...

    SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A renters' rights nonprofit says there's an eviction crisis in California and rising rents are partially to blame. Team 10 Investigative Reporter Jennifer Kastner uncovered eviction data in San Diego and interviewed a local attorney who specializes in helping tenants fight evictions. 10News also spoke to a San Diego mother who says she’s on the verge of eviction.

  • A Fix For LA's Housing Crisis -- Repeal the Ellis Act ...

    Provide all tenants, regardless of age or family status, with a one-year notice of eviction. Assembly bill (AB) 982, introduced by Assembly Members Richard Bloom and David Chiu, and Senator Ben Allen would provide for a one year notice to all receiving Ellis Act evictions.

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