INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 9-9-18 1:56 pm
LOCATION: Garnet Ave near Fanuel St.
CITY: San Diego

It was said by witnesses, that a female driver ran the red light at Fanuel St while driving eastbound on Garnet Ave.
She then crossed over into oncoming traffic and hit head-on into the white car.
The female driver was DUI according to the Police officers present.
4 people were transported for injuries ranging from serious to moderate to Scripps La Jolla hospital.
Approx. 20 minutes after the Fire Dept. left the scene, the black car caught fire and burned in the street.
SDPD already had the street blocked off waiting for traffic investigators.

Official Police Media Release:
P-1 was a black 2012 Hyundai sedan being driven by a 40 year old female. There was a 40 year old male passenger in the vehicle. P-2 was a white 2012 Toyota sedan being driven by a 68 year old male. There was a 62 year old female passenger in that vehicle. P-1 was E/B 1300 Garnet Ave, and P-2 was W/B 1300 Garnet Ave. P-1 veered left and crossed the double yellow line into oncoming traffic, colliding head-on with P-2. The driver of P-1 sustained a collapsed lung. The passenger of P-1 sustained a brain bleed along with abrasions and lacerations. The driver of P-2 sustained abrasions and a hematoma to the left shin. The passenger of P-2
sustained multiple fractures. All parties in the collision were transported to area hospitals for treatment of their respective injuries. The driver of P-1 was evaluated and will be charged with DUI. The driver of P-2 was found to not be under the influence. The injuries to the passenger of P-1 are considered serious, but not life-
threatening. SDPD Traffic Division Officers and Detectives responded to the scene and are conducting the investigation.

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