INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 7-30-18 12:31 pm
LOCATION: I-805 near Noble Dr
CITY: San Diego

A mylar balloon hit the power lines near the Cemetery and the electrical lines arch. The power went out to the Miramar National Cemetery and a brush fire began. A 1st alarm vegetation alert was called. Firefighters got quick control.

NOTE: I was accosted by an Employee of the cemetery and was told I would be placed under arrest if I did not leave. The Director of the Cemetery was on the radio ordering me to leave. All while their own employees were taking video and selfies of the fire, you know goofing off on the taxpayers’ dime.

I pointed it out, it’s federal property open to the public. They told me since I was media, I could not be there. I pointed out the Consitution and “Freedom of the Press”. They said they didn’t care. So apparently, they believe in discrimination.

I pointed out the fact that I was a veteran and all of the men and women buried at this cemetery did care about the Consitution and our Freedoms. I was ordered to leave once again.

Apparently, the Federal employees don’t give a damn about these freedoms and rights. and before you say anything, I was in an area of the cemetery where no one was buried.

More info on San Diego: Brush Fire on MCAS Miramar 07302018

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