INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 8-5-18 12:50 pm
LOCATION: Genesee Ave and Nobel Dr (Costa Verde Mall)
CITY: San Diego

A male was driving his car into the parking lot of the mall. He had just driven over a speed bump at a slow speed. Another car came to a stop on his left when suddenly, the female victim walked from behind the car and into the path of the male driver.
Police believe the driver’s speed was at only approx 5 mph. The car struck the female, and she fell to the ground hitting her head on the cement suffering major trauma to her head. The other driver that had stopped originally, left the scene without checking to see if the victim was okay.
She was rushed to Scripps La Jolla Hospital. Police are awaiting word on her status, but the Traffic Sgt. is doubtful about her life expectancy. Her age is in the mid-30’s.

More info on San Diego: Car vs Pedestrian 08052018

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