INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 7-11-18 11:15 am
LOCATION: Throughout San Diego City & Chula Vista
CITY: San Diego & Chula Vista

A CHP officer spotted a motorcyclist speeding on the I-8 in Old Town.
The officer attempted to stop the rider and the suspect took off.
The suspect went up into City Heights and then back onto various freeways heading south.
He was on I-8, I-15, I-805, and I-5 at various times. The SDPD ABLE Helicopter was overhead following the suspect. His speed exceeded over 120 mph on the freeway and 70 mph in City streets in Chula Vista as he kept circling that City. he also went down the wrong side of the street at times.
He eventually made his way to San Ysidro and to a family members house. He pulled into the garage and closed the door. The CHP called for him to come and out and he surrendered after a short time.
He told the CHP, that he ran because he didn’t have plates and had bought the new bike from a friend. The bike has new paper plates and is not registered, and thought to be stolen.

More info on San Diego: CHP High Speed Pursuit of Motorcyclist 07112018

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