INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 9-27-18 8:30 am approx
LOCATION: Saturn Blvd and Palm Ave
CITY: San Diego

SDPD received calls about a man breaking windows of different businesses at the Southland Plaza Shopping Center off of Saturn Blvd. & Palm Ave.
When an officer arrived, the suspect fled on foot, but the officer was able to detain the male.
The male appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic. When medics arrived to check on the suspect, the officers attempted to get the man out of the back of the patrol vehicle. The suspect immediately started to resist. The officers took the suspect down to the ground, where he continued to fight. The suspect bit one officer in the leg and was attempting to bite any officer near his mouth. the suspect also attempted to grab officers weapons. the suspect finally was put into a “body wrap” and a “spit sock” head cover but continued to resist. The suspect and the officer that was bit were both transported to local hospitals.

More info on San Diego: Crazed Suspect Bites Officer 09272018

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