11.19.2018 | 1:00 PM | SAN DIEGO – Border officials granted members of the media an inside look at changes made to the San Ysidro Port of Entry in light of the so-called migrant caravan, Monday afternoon.

Numerous changes were made to the U.S. – Mexico border in anticipation of the so-called migrant caravan slowly arriving from Central America.

A tour given to members of the news media shower additions to fortify the border including an increased military presence and the addition of barbed wire and barricades.

U.S. Coast Guard and Marine helicopters along with border patrol ground units were out in force along the border.

Initial reports indicate some migrants from the so-called migrant caravan have begun to trickle in to the border. Some have attempted to seek asylum from U.S. officials while others have camped out or even attempted to cross.

At least a couple immigrants were caught earlier in the day attempting to enter the U.S. by swimming in from the ocean.

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