INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 9-11-18 12:30 pm approx
LOCATION: 700 blk of Bethany St
CITY: San Diego

A feud between neighbors turned violent again today, with the suspect slashing the victim with a knife after another argument.
The suspect left on his bike and the victim was transported to a local hospital for his knife wound. There is a broken back window in a car that is in the suspects’ driveway and it is involved somehow.
Several months ago, the victim (today) was the suspect when he seriously injured the suspect (today) by stabbing him in the chest and collapsing a lung. The victim (today) was arrested, but the suspect (today) did not cooperate with the police and the case was dropped. The Police believe that today’s attack was revenge based.

More info on San Diego: Neighborhood Feud Turns Violent 09112018

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