INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 3-3-19 11:30 am approx
LOCATION:CITY: 4200 blk of Logan Ave

Police received calls from several residents of several men standing outside of a Black Chrysler 300, and they were seen drinking alcohol. One male reportedly pulled out a handgun and started shooting into a canyon. It was not known if he was shooting at someone.

Officers arrived and were pointed to the apartment that the men were in. A male and several children came from inside without knowing the officers were outside. The male was handcuffed and the children became visibly upset.

The Sgt decided to take the cuffs off and detained the man and allowed the children to stay with him. The Police did call outs and 2 men came out and were detained.

The officers learned another male was inside of the apartment. More call outs were done and the male did not come out. The officers entered and had to break down a locked bedroom door as the man refused to come out. He was taken into custody.

After questioning the men, a search began inside the apartment for the weapon. The last 3 men were released, but the original male with the children was arrested after the Police discovered a warrant was out for his arrest.

More info on San Diego: Police Investigate Reports of Shots Fired

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