INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 6-18-18 11:45 am
LOCATION: 40th St near Orange Ave
CITY: San Diego

Witnesses told the Police that there was a Hispanic male walking on the sidewalk when a black colored sedan pulled alongside of the male.
An argument took place and both parties, pulled out handguns exchanging fire.
Teralta Park had several families (small children) was in the path (direction) of the gunfire, but luckily no one was hit.
The driver of the sedan took off and the pedestrian jumped over a fence and fled behind some residences and down an alley.
The Police conducted a search and did not find either of the suspects.
Wilson Middle School and another nearby school were placed in lockdown.
After Lt. Sharp spoke with the Media, several shell casing and expended bullets were found.

More info on San Diego: Police Respond to Gunfight 06182018

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