INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 8-2-18 9:35 am approx
LOCATION: I-15 NB at the Hwy 94 Interchange
CITY: San Diego

A suspected male arsonist was seen riding a bike away from a fire at this location on 7-25-18 (partial video of that fire seen in the beginning of this video).
This morning, a tow truck driver sees a male starting a fire in the same area, and stops a SDPD RSVP member, who in turn calls for officers.
The suspect sees the tow truck driver and RSVP person and starts walking away. Officers detained the suspect on the I-15 NB shoulder. MAST Investigators are called in to come and question the suspect. Officers find a lighter, meth, and a pipe on the suspect. At some point, the suspect starts trying to slip the handcuffs and when officers try to stop him, the suspect resisted. The suspect attempts to bite two of the officers. The officers were able to restrain the suspect and put the suspect in a wrap. The suspect was transported to a local hospital.

More info on San Diego: Suspected Arsonist Arrested and Tries to Escape 08022018

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