INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 6-23-18 10:15 pm
LOCATION:4860 Rolando Ct.
CITY: San Diego

Police officers responded to a Violet Disturbance call. Upon arrival, they smelled smoke and called for firefighters. Firefighters made a forced entry and the suspect started firing a weapon.
The firefighters scattered and the officers opened fire. One officer in serious condition and one is in stable condition after both being shot. One went to Sharp Hospital, while the other was transported to Scripps Mercy.
A firefighter became trapped inside the building as he went into another apartment. Officers went in and rescued him. He was shaken and greeted by his fellow firefighters (see video). Robots were sent in and found the suspect dead on the floor. It’s not known at this time he was shot by an officer or his wound be self-inflicted. But he apparently had a head wound.
Reports on the Police radio was that the suspect had some type of body armor on. Residents were either evacuated or sheltered in place. At the Press Conference the next morning, that the suspect was a known person with a criminal background.

More info on San Diego: Two Officers Shot & Firefighter Trapped, Gunman Dead 06232018

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