INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 4-11-19 12:00 pm
LOCATION: 1036 S. 45th (Eastgate Village)
CITY: San Diego

Neighbors heard and then saw a naked male on top of a neighbors roof. He was removing the tiles and spray painting a raised area of the roof. When the 2 females told him to leave, the suspect started throwing items at them, assaulting them. They were not injured and ran away. When the Police arrived, the man was on the roof and started thrown roof tiles at them, hitting one of the officers. The officer was not injured. The man came down from the roof and started destroying anything he saw. He managed to tear a large rock/cement foundation holding a statue/water fountain and threw it towards the house. It has to weigh several hundred pounds.
He ripped a large ground-based air conditioning unit from the foundation. He threw tools, chairs, trash cans over the fence at officers. Officers pepper-sprayed the suspect and were able to detain him, even thou he was fighting them. A body-wrap was applied and he was sedated by paramedics. Officers stated that they believe the drug “PCP” was involved. The suspect was transported to UCSD Hospital.

More info on San Diego: Your Brain on Drugs 04112019

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