Lucas’s Republic Fighter Tank MOC in our webstore!

Amazon Sales:
14% off Creator Expert 10251 Brick Bank
13% off Ideas 21310 Old Fishing House
20% off Creator 3in1 Pirate Roller Coaster

LEGO Costumes by Disguise on Amazon
Blue Brick Adult Costume
Red Brick Adult Costume
Minifigure Adult Costume

LEGO Opening Pop-Up LEGO Brand Stores

LEGO Named 2018 Most Reputable Company in EU5 Countries

LEGO Cube game from Tencent announced

LEGO Seasonal Thanksgiving Turkey and Mr. & Mrs. Claus BrickHeadz official pictures

Captain Marvel 1st Trailer

Closer look at LEGO Movie 2 Wasteland Batman minifigure

Japanese Tea Garden by Coosey__Goosey

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Brick Vault
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San Diego, CA 92121

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More info on Wasteland BATMAN looks AWESOME! LEGO Pop-Up Stores! | Weekly LEGO News

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