The best San Diego restaurants including 7 different recommendations from sushi to pizza to burgers to tacos! Watch this video to catch the absolute best restaurants in San Diego!

More info on 7 BEST San Diego Restaurants! Food tour with sushi, pizza, burgers, tacos, and more.

  • Things to do

    "Shark Week" comes to the Shedd Aquarium, with (virtual) shark-feeding tours, programs for kids and ... this may be the next best thing. Unlike the recent “Immersive Van Gogh” in Chicago ...

  • Best Ice Cream

    There are top-quality takes on classic flavors, like Madagascar vanilla, salted butter caramel, and apple pie, but the menu has also featured more exotic choices, like blue-cheese ice cream with ...

  • Best Internet Radio

    Playboy Manbaby is one of the most popular bands in Phoenix for good reason. The group makes punk rock with a trumpet, but don't call it ska. The horn is just icing on the cake that is the manic ...

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