Marimba Valle del Ensueño.

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  • Why California has a giant 1950s town replica

    The town replica sits inside a 20,000-square-foot building in Chula Vista, California, about 11km south of San Diego and 8km north of the Mexican border. But it looks nothing like its modern city ...

  • Katie Birtill News

    El concierto sera un homenaje al compositor americano en el que se fusionara la musica y el baile en un espectaculo vibrante y tendra lugar en febrero de 2018. The Old Laundry Theatre has just ...

  • Christopher Sieber News

    El próximo 11 de diciembre se estrena en NETFLIX la versión cinematográfica de THE PROM, dirigido por Ryan Murphy y protagonizado por Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Keegan-Michael ...

  • Apple Commits $430 Billion in US Investments Over Five Years

    California: Apple continues to expand its teams across the state and now expects to grow its San Diego team to more than 5,000 employees by 2026 — a 500 percent increase from its 2018 goal.

  • Red Sox minor-league report

    Third-round choice Jonathan DeVries, a catcher from high school in California, is solid all-around, but will need development time. Fourth-rounder Stefan Baile, a first baseman from Washington ...

  • Daniel Hernandez

    A multigenerational native of the San Diego-Tijuana border region, Hernandez holds a bachelor’s degree in English from UC Berkeley, where he served as editor of the Daily Californian.

  • Ivy Queen Opens Up About Family Life, Her 2020 Tour and a New Album

    It’s over 20 cities all over the United States,” she says about the first part of the tour, which will take her to cities like Miami, Dallas, San Diego ... single “Un Baile Más,” a ...

  • Autorretrato con chango y loro, 1942

    Her works were intensely personal and political, often reflecting her turbulent personal life, her illness, and her relationship with the revolutionary muralist Diego Rivera. Kahlo dedicated her life ...

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