VLOGMAS Day 5 ( Youtubers for change ) Being Homeless In San Diego California

On todays VLOGMAS
I wanted to share with you my day feeding the homeless for Christmas, Inspired by youtubers for change and other programs Youtube had created to make a difference in the world.

there are thousands of homeless people out on the streets of San Diego California, this people need than just food to survive. I hope youall will like this video and share with your friends and family. lets make a change in this world. help me spread the love

I could not imagine what it would be like to be homeless in San Diego California, But i got a sense that they dont get the help they really need.

Youtubers for change, we can al go feeding the homeless for at least one day. if you are a youtuber please join me on this youtubers making a difference movement and help the homeless in your area.

if you ever wonder what is like being homeless in san diego watch this vlog

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