Social Proof Studios kicks off their Cannabis Dispensary Tour in San Diego California at Mankind Cooperative on January 1st during their inaugural recreational cannabis opening.

Reach out to Mankind Cooperative:





Social Proof Studios IG:@socialproofstudios

About Social Proof Studios:

Social Proof Studios is a pioneering media brand seeking to normalize cannabis. Its primary focus is allowing tourists to “window-shop” cannabis retailers in major tourist destinations where cannabis is legalized.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Sponsorship provided by TopGrow Lighting (

Founded in 2017 in Culver City, CA, TopGrow Lighting is an LED grow lighting manufacturer whose mission is to realize the potential of LED Lighting in improving grow system efficiency. The company fulfills its mission by offering state of the art LED lighting products rated with tens of thousands of hours of operating life and stable light color to maintain grow performance at a price point intended to sway growers away from legacy lighting technologies.

More info on Best Dispensary Tour: Mankind Cooperative

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