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New Around the town video blog going to the 2019 San Diego County Fair / Del Mar Fair. In the video I walk around and tour the fair and look at all the crazy fried food items as well as show some of the animals, Items for Sale.

Some of the things I show and talk about at the San Diego 2019 fair video are:
– The Fairs Wizard of Oz Theme
– The Oz Zone Exhibit which has retro wizard of oz books and Wizard of Oz Movie Props and classic candy
– Chicken Charlies New Buffalo Chicken Chimichanga Wrap and other deep fried foods new this year
– The Zoo Animals and Bugs Exhibit building with Goat Milking
– Bacon A Fair : Bacon Wrapped food Items such as Bacon Wrapped Corn Dogs, Back Wrapped Turkey Legs
– American Pull Up Challenge
– Kids Fair section with Rides and Fair Games
– 4 H Areas with photography and Fine Art
– Student Showcase Building with Students Artwork
– Walk the Main Food
– Walking the Carnival Games and Rides area
– Check out the as seen on Tv section
– Show the Dvds and Blu-rays for Sale

More info on Crazy Fun at the San Diego County Fair 2019 (Around the town)

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