Day 32 – We are running out of coffee and we ordered from DARK HORSE COFFEE ROASTERS a far local group out of San Diego California. They are donating 100% of their proceeds from the Social Distancing promo swag to their employees during their closure at this time.

Note: We were not paid for this and thought we would spread their good cause for their employees 100% Goes to their employees for any Social Distancing items and Swag. Did I Tell you about that SWAG? oh Boy! It’s pretty great. They will deliver via US postal.

Check them out and hope you can contribute to a good cause and help the employees out.
YouTube Channel:
Their Social Distaning Items as the promo lasts. We got ours!

Music intro By The Petty Saints – ‘Best For You’ (Acoustic)
Check out their music they are pretty good

Vinyl Available:

Words of the day Horse
Tagalog = “Kabayo”
Japanese = “うま Uma”

Dark Horse = ” 闇 うま” Yami Uma

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#TheRealMOD #darkhorsecoffee

Trailer to a future video when we get to it. Enjoy! and Check out their offering and help out the service industry.

Peace Out ! and be safe

More info on DARK HORSE COFFEE ROASTERS – San Diego California – SOCIAL Distancing Blend Unboxing 闇 うま

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