The Education Leadership Team presents the Social and Cultural, Health Care, and Employment issues affecting women in the immigrant/refugee population community in San Diego.

• Zara Marselian, CEO and co-founder of La Maestra Community Health Centers and La Maestra Foundation. With over 25 years experience with community organizations and nonprofits, Zara has been recognized locally and nationally for her health and social services advocacy for diverse populations. Her 2010 book, The Soul Speaks, highlights eleven immigrants in San Diego, who share their stories of struggle, oppression, and survival.

• Sahra Abdi, director of United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST). A Somali refugee herself, she is passionate about education and character building. As a program coordinator at the City Heights Wellness Center, she oversaw a program, providing education and support for Somali and East African mothers. In 2006, The California Wellness Foundation recognized Sahra’s work by naming her a California Peace Prize Honoree.

• Amina Farah, Case Manager at the International Rescue Committee (IRC), focusing on refugee resettlement and health advocacy. Prior to IRC, Amina was a Coordinator of the Somali Women’s Program in Women’s Health Institute Toronto. Amina has a BS University of Phoenix in Social Sciences with emphasis in Health and Human Services, and is a MSW candidate from the University of Southern California in May 2015.

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