At Plant Power Fast Food in Encinitas, California, an all VEGAN FAST FOOD DRIVE THRU serves traditional fast food, (did I say it’s 100% vegan) that has no GMO’s, artificial ingredients and is served on 100% biodegradable materials! Co-founded by Jeff Harris, Zach Vouga & Mitch Wallis, these forward thinking individuals are leading the way to vegan fast food across the United States, which will save millions of animals from torture and suffering, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and death rates from our most deadly chronic diseases! Way to go PLANT POWER FAST FOOD! #LunchBreakLIVE #JaneUnChained
See additional photos and description of menu items we ordered here:

Jane Velez-Mitchell is a nationally known TV/Multi-Media journalist and best-selling author who speaks out about crimes against people, animals and the environment.

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More info on JVM #RESTAURANTS – “Plant Power Fast Food Encinitas San Diego CA”

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