Le Shok from Long Beach,California perform November 29th, 1998 at The Che Cafe in San Diego, California. I shot this on a VHSC recorder to a dvd conversion. This is one of several camera angles that exist from this infamous show with the Crimson Curse. I posted the whole show except for the first song which was played in the dark.

from wikipedia:

Le Shok was a synth punk band from Long Beach, California, USA. The band was made up of members of various other punk bands from the area and existed from 1997 until early 2001, releasing numerous 7″ records, one full-length, and touring the US twice. LE SHOK seemed to make their mark with a slew of outrageously wild live shows and a new wave inspired garage punk sound that was snotty yet highly infectious.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/leshokrip#ixzz10VhICj2E



* Soda Pop Smash (?)
* We Are Electrocution (2000)

Singles & EPs:

* So What 7″ EP (1998)
* DNA 7″ EP (1999)
* split w/Electric Frankenstein 7″ (2000)
* split w/Ink & Dagger 7″ (2000)
* split w/The Stitches 7″ (2000)
* S&M 7″ EP (2001)
* LA to NY 6″ EP (2001)


*The Che Cafe is a worker co-operative and social center located on the University of California, San Diego campus in La Jolla, California, USA. Founded in 1980 by UCSD students, the Che originally began its life as a vegetarian cafe. Today, the Che operates primarily as a venue for a variety of musical genres, many based around the DIY ethic, and is an on-and-off again vegan cafe and catering operation. It also acts as a resource for the music and art departments on campus through hosting art shows, performances and film screenings.

More info on Le Shok -Live 11/29/98 Che Cafe, San Diego,Ca

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