On this episode Sam and Serg take a field trip from Silicon Valley down to sunny San Diego to visit the very popular Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop!

Lucha Libre has been staple in the Mission Hills area of San Diego since 2008. Lucha Libre translates to “free fighting” and is the Mexican professional wrestling theme that really caught our sight, it’s just as unique and cool as the food!

We love all the salsa options to go along with the nostalgic Surfing California Burrito (a steak and shrimp burrito stuffed with french fries). We also dip in to the tacos to try the delicious Mole Tacos! The Tijuana style hot dog is a also something to try (Joey Chestnut devoured these last time he visited). The freshly made enchiladas are smothered in green chile tomatillo sauce served with refried beans! Oh ya, who can forget the aguas frescas, their Jamaica and Horchata drinks are BOMB!

Learn more about Lucha Libre, visit https://www.luchalibretacoshop.com.

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More info on Legendary Taco Shop in San Diego (Lucha Libre Taco Shop)

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