0:00 Stroll woman’s boutique
1:32 RakiRaki Ramen & Tsukemen
1:47 Bottlecraft Little Italy
2:08 Ballast Point Brewing Little Italy
3:25 Pali Wine Co
3:58 Mona Lisa Italian Foods
4:15 Puerto La Boca
5:16 Bolt Brewery – Little Italy
7:40 Little Italy Street Sign
8:29 Napizza
8:43 Prepkitchen Little Italy
8:50 Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market
9:21 Sorrento Ristorante
10:18 Consulado General De Mexico
11:11 Isola Pizza Bar
13:26 Burger Lounge
14:29 Princess Pub & Grille
15:00 Little Italy Street Sign
15:51 Filippi’s Pizza Grotto Little Italy
16:16 Blick Art Materials
19:13 Mona Lisa Italian Foods
20:41 Pali Wine Co
21:15 Ballast Point Brewing Little Italy
22:43 Airplane flying right over head
23:52 James Coffee Co

DescriptionLittle Italy is a chic, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, packed with trendy cocktail bars, brewpubs and restaurants with bustling patios. Upscale clothing boutiques, indie music venues and quaint piazzas dot the area, while the weekly Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market draws crowds to its mix of produce, gourmet food and craft stalls. The green lawns of Waterfront Park have fountains, and offer views of the bay.

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