A 30 inch pizza is, undoubtedly, a massive pizza. Luigi’s at the Beach in San Diego, CA offers their 30″ pizza challenge to any team of eaters bold enough to eat a ton of pizza in an hour or less. Winning teams get the meal for free, as well as T-shirts and their pictures on the Wall of Fame. I was teaming for the first time ever with Magic Mitch, and we were eating alongside Randy Santel and Erik the Electric. Would we pull out the win? Or would the massive pile of carbs prove to be our undoing? You’ll have to watch and see! No fanfare, No BS, No Stalin! Filmed January 2018.

Magic Mitch’s YouTube channel is here –
6 lb Sushi Roll Challenge w/ Randy Santel:

Erik The Electric’s Pizza Challenge:

Raina’s 30″ Pizza Video w/ Kevin Ross:

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Music: “Backbay Lounge,” “Hardboiled,” “Motherlode”
Source: http://incompetech.com/ with a Creative Commons 3.0 attribution for use in all projects thanks to Kevin MacLeod.

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