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Ah, the world famous Rei do Gado. I decided to visit the San Diego location with a few other foodie friends of mine, and let’s just say, we weren’t disappointed. First thing you cant help but notice is how nice the patio area is with the flames in the center of the table, giving a very elegant feel to the establishment. The hostess outside was kind with a big smile on her face, just a great way to start your dining experience. and got us seated quickly.

When you first walk in, you’re greeted by a wall of wine bottles which you will find through out the restaurant. The very next thing that hits you is the delightful aroma of food. Rei do Gado (RDG) being a buffet there was plenty to see, smell, and sample so we got right to it.

The food on the serve serve stations were deeeelicious with such a good amount of variety. Coming to a Brazilian steakhouse, all I really expected was to gorge upon an array of meats, like a feast hobbits would have in Lord of the Rings but surprisingly there’s actually a lot more to it, which we’ll get to. There was a variety of seafood, cheeses, breads, soup, vegetables, salamis, and more!

The way that the table service works is there’s an ornament on the table with a red top and a green top. Red = no food, Green = bring food. Here are our thoughts on the main table service dishes;

Tri tip – I believe the first slice we had was tri-tip. It was good, seasoned, somewhat of what you would expect it to taste like. Wasn’t my favorite, but it was not bad.

Top Sirloin – Bam! This one was THE ONE. The Neo of the meats. The juices come right out after the first few bites, it’s tender, it’s flavorful, it’s a mouth watering slice that you could just keep adding to your plate.

Garlic Flank Steak – The flavor on this one immediately slams your taste buds. It’s a bit salty

Sausage – I actually enjoyed the sausage quite a bit. Just the right amount of flavor, cooked fresh out of the kitchen. A bit of a spice towards the end and a delightful flavor as it makes its way down your throat.

Chicken & Cheese – Well seasoned, smokey, peppered, with a touch of cheese.

The food overall was delicious, the experience was memorable

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