Featured on The Neighborhood SD, welcome to San Diego’s Donut Bar. Stop by for one of the most award winning donuts in the country!

ADDRESS: 631 B St, San Diego, CA 92101

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More info on San Diego’s BEST DONUTS from The Donut Bar!

  • Apple Cider Doughnut Loaf Cake

    Baked for 65 minutes and the bottom of the loaf is a little dry, which may have been because I didn’t poke holes deep enough when I poured the cider over (a skewer would probably work best for ...

  • Navy veteran gives 100th gallon of blood

    Navy veteran Robert Moore, a 77 year-old Vietnam veteran, donated his 100th gallon of blood to the San Diego Blood Bank. He got a call one afternoon 10 years ago, asking if he could come and donate ...

  • The best thing to do in every state this fall

    Pick a pumpkin and take part in the farm's annual Pumpkin Fest featuring delicious donuts, barbecue ... from a hot cider and donut bar to feeding chickens, visiting the farm store, and picking ...

  • Jim Carroll

    He grew up on the Lower East Side, where his father, an Irish-American war veteran, owned a bar. Later he talked ... the problem of no opening act at a San Diego gig in 1978, she suggested he ...

  • Mavs Donuts: It's GAMEDAY - But The NBA Won't Play

    Another co-worker, a white woman from San Diego, one that ... have more to say later in Donuts, but for now, here’s the video the Mavs want the NBA to review. DONUT 3: NATIONAL DOG DAY.

  • El Cajon’s Main Street Donuts & Deli forced to permanently close due to COVID-19 shutdowns

    EL CAJON (KUSI) – San Diego County business ... now so it’s like Mary’s Donuts and Main Street Deli over here” she explained. They are trying to make the best of the unfortunate situation, ...

  • The most over-the-top bloody marys in America

    The bloody mary's history is much more refined than you might think: It was created at Harry's New York Bar in Paris and then ... The Barn Yard: Farmer's Table San Diego Farmer's Table has a ...

  • Nomad Donuts

    Read More Dessert: "The Ube Taro Coconut is one of the most popular flavors." Best for Dessert Because: We had to have a donut place on this list and Nomad Donuts is a local favorite at the moment.

  • A Week In San Francisco, CA, On A $610,000 Joint Income

    eats an old donut I brought home yesterday ... a potted ranunculus, and some new energy bars we haven't tried. I hate 90% of energy bars, but I keep looking for that impossibly delicious and ...

  • A Week In San Francisco, CA, On An $85,000 Salary

    8:45 p.m. — My friend ends up getting back to me and we agree to meet up at one of my favorite bars downtown at around ... cocktails (this place has the best cocktails) and share a plate of ...

  • 2019 Talent

    In San Diego, where he currently ... The Whale Win, Barnacle, Bar Melusine, Bateau, Rana e Rospo, and several General Porpoise Doughnuts and Coffee locations. As a Seattle native (well ...

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