Social Media Marketing San Diego
August 23 2011

3D Media Live
Santa Barbara,CA

3D Media is your solution for social media marketing santa barbara ca. Call 888-601-3777.

3D Media is a national marketing firm that provides local businesses the opportunity to have their business naturally ranked for a minimum of at least two search terms keywords on the front page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing within 30 days or the companys money is completely refunded. Unlike other SEO companies, 3D Media provides a true performance based written guarantee, month to month agreements for our SEO Packages, and additional search terms added and higher placements achieved each month to all companies served.

3D Media is at the very cutting edge of the 2 most important online weapons that a business must utilize today:

Top positioning in the search engines via Videos and Local Listings for more business exposure and the potential to bring in new customers daily.

Social Media through Facebook and Text Message Marketing for testing, sales, client connection, and retention.

Many local companies are currently unable to get their business ranked on the first page of the major search engines organically. They are forced to choose from expensive Pay per click programs or providers, high priced SEO firms that deliver little to nothing except another bill to pay for months on end, or to not be online at all and miss over 75% of the market that is currently searching on the internet for their products or services. Many companies have also done business with unscrupulous SEO firms that have promised everything, collected money, and delivered nothing. Business owners know that 90% of their customers only will look on the first page, and they are desperately seeking a way to get there as soon as possible.

3D Media offers the guaranteed fastest way for businesses to get on top of the front page and be showcased in front of their most immediate potential customers.

Marketing is a necessity for all companies, and online marketing is here to stay. 75% of the US population uses the internet exclusively for products and services that they wish to purchase, and their searches are non-incentivized and immediate. This makes an ideal prospect for any business looking for the lowest hanging fruit. Social networking has now eclipsed the search volume of the search engines, and will continue to grow due to the rapid viral nature of the sharing of information. Companies now have the opportunity to catapult new offerings into the marketplace instantly and geometrically, and stay connected with current customers better than ever before.

3D Media’s competitive advantage over competitors encompasses all the necessary components to add growth to any business:

A constant stream of new clients
Products to increase the average ticket and profit margin per transaction
Tools to assure client retention through repeat and referral business
Continuous marketing education through our monthly newsletter, daily tweets, and client consultations

Our social media marketing is the best in town and will take great care of you. Our clients are our top priority.

Please contact us locally at 888-601-3777.

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Let 3D Media assist you with all of your social media marketing santa barbara needs.

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3D Media Live
Santa Barbara,CA

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