Here’s another one from Juni’s tapes, but this one is clearly labeled. Man, those old school full size VHS camcorders had some nice stock microphones in them. Sounds pretty good for 1988.
So this show was on the same tape as the Slim’s show(I think), so I assume this show took place in California. We know we have San Diego on a clearly marked tape, and one of the videos right before this show says “SF” and the venue looks like Slim’s. This is probably either the Sacramento or Long Beach date. Brian McKenna Jerry Perry, Hayden Arellano where did Exploited play in Sac in 1988? Jason Ellis Jon Vogel does this look like Long Beach(probably Fender’s)?
JUNI BRAVO ARCHIVE: I bought a bunch of live VHS tapes of Ebay about 6 months ago. I bought them mainly for a Bad Religion Multicam from 1988 that was uncirculated, but I got a while box of VHS tapes. The tapes were intriguing enough for me to try to find out who Juni is- it turns out that she was a Video archivist from the mid- to late-80s based in San Diego & texas. She followed the Exploited on tour in 1988 and produced the “Anarchy in the USA” VHS tape for them. She passed away a couple of years ago and (unbeknownst to me) some guy was selling her stuff off. I decided to post the stuff that was OK to post publicly to be sure Juni got her due, and to let fans of the band see this stuff- there is some gold in here. I also NEED YOUR HELP with some of this stuff. The tapes were poorly labeled so I don’t know who some of the bands are, and I don’t know most of the venues. Any help identifying stuff is appreciated.

More info on Social Spit- Palisades Theater, San Diego Ca. 3/26/88 xfer from master Juni Bravo Archive

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