Social Spit / Reagan gun club & Drugz / Casbah – San Diego, CA / 4/6/18

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  • The Corner

    Following the Iranian attack in 1988, President Ronald Reagan retaliated by launching Operation Praying Mantis, resulting in significant damage to, or the total loss of, half of Iran’s fleet.

  • VIDEO - Bush and Republicans Continue to Drop in Polls

    A newly released poll by NBC and The Wall Street Journal reflects growing problems for the president and the Republican party. Bush's approval rating dropped to 39%, an all time low for his presidency ...

  • Not even Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed can defend Nate: 'He crossed the line'

    The fan base is strong and they love the show, and I think, particularly episode 11, with all the surprises that that brings, they were deeply shocked, but they were very kind in the little bit I saw ...

  • Are These Wyoming Library Books Obscene?

    Wyoming prosecutors are being asked to consider criminal charges against public library staff because the library carries information about reproduction, sex, and being gay. Local busybodies in ...

  • The Corner

    Lou Cannon, the veteran political journalist and Reagan biographer, writes me the following: It drove President Ford slightly crazy when people asked him why he didn’t condition his pardon of ...

  • Looking back at the best and worst novelty rap songs

    to recount the political rise of Ronald Reagan via the lyrics of “The Beverly Hillbillies” theme song. Though it didn’t burn up the Billboard Hot 100 (rap rarely did prior until Run-DMC ...

  • Woman raped on train as riders did nothing: Police

    With celebrities like Beyoncé recognizing Baartman's contributions to the ideal Black female body – and with the curvaceous posteriors of Black women lauded on TV and celebrated on social media – I ...

  • Don't Worry White People, Democracy Ain't Going Nowhere

    It is part of the Caucasian canon, replete with a non-racist Ronald Reagan, principled conservatives ... It’s like a gun. Politicians are afraid to get rid of it; Republicans love it and ...

  • This Is Our Youth

    And Drake Simpson as Dennis, the drug-dealing ogre who wants to love but doesn't know how, ramrodded the stage with the sort of spit-spewing, big-fisted energy that can make a show soar.

  • Footage shows Oakland High school security guard beating wheelchair-bound student

    Martinez admitted that he then spit on the guard because he saw he had no other option. 'I was handcuffed, so I didn't have no way to defend myself but my mouth,' Martinez told KTVU.

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