Keynote- San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan

No More No More: Women, Girls, ICT (Information, Communication & Technology) & Violence
Wed, January 17, 2018
Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego

Program launched by Social Impact and Innovation, UC San Diego to raise awareness of Human Trafficking.

The UC San Diego campus wants to help fight human trafficking and join efforts in bringing nationwide awareness on this critically important and tragic social issue through panel discussion and conversation, movie viewing, and heartfelt performances.

Dance performance by UC San Diego students Lorraine Hossain and team. The program will close with heartfelt performances by Emanuel “Manny” C. Perlman, Performing Artist and World Ambassador and Buki Domingos, famous singer songwriter, activist, and survivor of human trafficking.

In Partnership with: Project Concern International (PCI), Qualcomm Institute, UC San Diego, and Alliance4Empowerment.

More info on Summer Stephan – San Diego County District Attorney – Keynote

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