Soichi Sushi has taken the crown of the best sushi in San Diego as rated on yelp, with its 5-star rating from 83 review after opening its doors 6 months ago. It’s owner/chef Soichi Kadoya started training in sushi at age 16 and has cooked Japanese cuisine for more than 25 years; he spent the last five and a half years at local edomae-style sushi temple Sushi Tadokoro.

Kadoya made many of the improvements to the space himself, including installing new bamboo fencing and a small Japanese garden in the entryway. Inside, a live edge wood wine bar has been repurposed into a gleaming 12-seat sushi bar and counter. The family-run eatery — wife Raechel oversees the front of house with help from the couple’s three daughters — is open for dinner Monday through Saturday.

Soichi Sushi’s omakase, or chef’s tasting, ranges from a 5 menu that includes everything from seasonal appetizers and grilled fish to sashimi and nigiri to an menu that mainly focuses on nigiri. A la carte items are also available, from nigiri based on a rotating list of fresh seafood that includes sweet shrimp, fatty tuna, golden eye snapper, and sea urchin, to tempura, steamed egg custard, and oysters with ponzu; the greens and garnishes for the dishes are grown locally at a hydroponic farm. The restaurant offers a large selection of sake, poured into custom glassware, that is categorized as jizake, or specialty sake produced from small breweries in Japan.



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