Dr. Steve Ronco, owner of Torrey Hills Chiropractic, has been a practicing family chiropractor in the Carmel Valley/Del Mar area since 2001. His office is located in the Torrey Hills Shopping Center, and serves as a family wellness center that focuses on the whole health of the body, not just the aches and pains. Dr. Ronco specializes in pediatrics, pregnancy, extremities management, athletics and biomechanics of the spine. Because of his extensive training, Dr. Ronco has the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure all organs of the body are working together at peak performance.

Dr. Ronco loves being a part of the Carmel Valley community and is active in many ways, continuously searching for ways he can make a difference. During the San Diego firestorms of 2003, Dr. Ronco and several of his colleagues created the original Chiropractic Relief Crew, which gave hundreds of firefighters chiropractic services on a daily basis. In addition, Dr. Ronco is a community contributor for The Carmel Valley Life, where he writes educational and informational articles about community health. He enjoys this greatly as it gives him “an outlet to not only network with different individuals and share his expertise, but also allows him to build relationships all over the community and create a close-knit family feel.”

Although, Dr. Ronco is a very busy man, he continues to be an active resident of the Carmel Valley community, working hard to keep the community’s health in optimal condition.

Dr. Rocco: Hi, I’m Dr. Steve Rocco, at Torrey Hills Chiropractic. Just doing our VIP social tonight, for the holidays, for our patients. Just an appreciation night out, for people that have been with us throughout the year, and just wanted to get out of the office and appreciate them, and be outside here. We’re out at Crust, and have a little buffet going, a little happy hour social, and celebrate the holidays.

Jenny: My name is Jenny. I’m the office manager at Torrey Hills Chiropractic, and we’re having a great time here tonight with our most loved patients, and just eating and socializing, and showing them appreciation for supporting the business, and loving chiropractic. And this is Bill and Judy, and we love them, and they love us.

“…we love them for sure. And Dr. Rocco has been amazing for what he’s done for me, for my neck, my back, and my whole body, so I recommend him highly.”

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